Friday, January 20, 2012

Grandpa John BUSTED with Prostitute - Black GMC Sierra Truck Tag # 25R966

On January 18, 2012, we spotted this Grandpa John picking up a prostitute around 5:00PM in a Black GMC Sierra truck, Maryland Tag # 25R966, on Cambria Street near Maree Garnett Farring Elementary School in Brooklyn/Curtis Bay. We followed the John as he crossed the Baltimore City border and drove into Anne Arundel County. He then drove into a public park located at 240 10th Avenue off of Belle Grove Road. Police were called but they arrived just after they took off, which is fine because we got it all on video. Another John....BUSTED!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Baltimore Prostitute: Stephanie

Much of JohnBusting has a lot to do with timing and luck. We were out for hours this day, preying on the predators, and had no luck. They were out there, we just kept missing them connecting with their victims aka the prostitutes. So we went to a west side section of Baltimore known for its high prostitution rates, affectionately known as called Pig Town for its swing industry from years back. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. However, we did find a very amusing prostitute named Stephanie squatting behind a car, eating a sandwich. We decided to watch her for a while.

John Busters Busts Another John in Baltimore

This John in a gray Honda Civic picked up a prostitute in broad daylight on Everett Street in Curtis Bay, MD. We tailed them to a hiding spot behing a building at 1302 Chesapeake Avenue.

Baltimore John - Lincoln Town Car tag # MD KDD008

This John in a really nice Lincoln Town Car wasn't very happy when we spoiled his date. He actually tried to park his car at a Curtis Bay Rec Center where children play, in order to do the deed. His tag # is MD KDD008.